Pet’s Botanicals Remedy External CBD Spray – 250MG


Pet’s Botanicals Remedy External CBD spray is a soothing mix of Moringa Oil, Lemon Rind Oil, Apricot Oil, Organic Terpenes, Lavender Oil, German Chamomile, Aloe Vera Extract CBD and Pomegranate Extract. Designed and formulated to help relieve itchy irritated skin due to seasonal allergies related to pollen, flea bites and other seasonal irritants that cause excessive licking, skin breakdown and even hair loss. Pet’s Botanicals has blended all natural ingredients that work together with our pharmaceutical grade CBD to bring your pet relief and comfort.

  • Helps provide Soothing Itch Relief
  • Great for pets with sensitive skin and allergies
  • Deters licking
  • Promotes healing by moisturizing and protecting them skin
  • Reduces external inflammation
  • Alcohol free
  • No sting formula 250 mg CBD external spray
  • Helps provide Immediate Relief
Pet’s Botanicals Remedy External CBD Spray – 250MG