Skin Problems (Ugh!) and CBD: What you need to know!

Skin Problems (Ugh!) and CBD: Should I ingest it or apply it topically?

CBD has emerged in the skincare industry with gusto! With the numerous moisturizers, toners and cleansers hitting the market, it’s a good guess that consumers believe CBD is effective for their skin. It is after all, plant based, its properties act as an anti-inflammatory, and may help with skin issues ranging from acne to eczema. How does CBD affect the skin, and how should it be used? Here’s a breakdown of how it’s helpful and your options:

How CBD works with our sebaceous glands:

The Journal of Clinical Investigation published research in 2014 noting that: CBD normalizes “pro-acne agent”–induced excessive lipid synthesis of human sebocytes. In plain language, CBD works with our body’s endocannabinoid system to regulate (and reduce) sebum which is the culprit in acne (all forms) outbreaks. In the opposite case where eczema sufferers have inflammation and dry skin, researches have also found that CBD may help as it works with receptors to restore moisture. So, is it most effective ingested or applied directly?

During an Outbreak:

Acne and Eczema sufferers report that during outbreaks CBD products relieve itching, swelling, and redness. During an outbreak, you’ll want to apply directly to the affected areal There are so many salves and topicals out there – make sure the product contains high quality CBD and is not just hemp oil, and definitely check that it is FREE FROM ALCOHOL AND OTHER ADDITIVES.

To Help Prevent:

The best relief is to lessen or eradicate breakouts period. Ingesting CBD in an oil/isolate or supplement form may be a longer term solution to bring balance to the skin. Again, make sure you choose a CBD oil/isolate or supplement  that has a high purity level and is at a milligram level that will be most helpful based on the severity of your outbreaks. Starting with a 500mg tincture would be a good start for those who have mild issues and are looking for preventative care.

Feel free to reach out with any questions regarding CBD to anyone on our Think Team! Your wellness is our priority!

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