The Shift Of Opinion – Cannabis

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The University of Texas and the Texas Tribune recently released a poll showing that an increasing majority of Texans favor some form of marijuana legalization. Only 16% of surveyed Texans say marijuana shouldn’t be legal at all, a significant drop from 23% in 2014.

Based on shifting opinion, advocates are hopeful that lawmakers are ready to expand medical cannabis programs during the Texas Legislature’s 86th session. Back in 2015, former nurse and State Representative Stephanie Klick, R-Fort Worth, was able to persuade the conservative Texas House to open the state up to medical cannabis in the most limited way possible. “It’s not something you can get high on. It has a low risk of abuse,” Klick explained during the floor debate.

Klick’s bill helped to legalize products like the ones we sell at Think Botanicals, which contain high levels of CBD and low levels of THC. Our products have already been helpful for thousands of Texans suffering with anxiety, cognition, inflammation and pain. Still, many helpful uses of cannabis remain very limited in Texas, particularly in terms of who can operate dispensaries and facilities.

The new year seems poised to bring further relaxation of the state’s drug laws, especially as other states surrounding Texas have already passed legislation allowing patients access to cannabis. Senator José Menéndez, D-San Antonio, filed a measure to grow the list of debilitating medical conditions that qualify for medical cannabis under the 2015 Compassionate Use Act. He wants to include illnesses such as PTSD, autism and terminal cancer. Not only would doctors be allowed to treat medical cannabis like any other medicine, but the 0.5% cap on the amount of the psychoactive element in marijuana (THC) would be removed. Menéndez would rather give doctors decisions over medications, rather than politicians.

We are looking forward to seeing what 2019 brings, and we’re also very happy to be part of the community who already offers legal, healing cannabis-based products for thousands who suffer with anxiety, depression, seizures and other disorders. If you’re interested in learning more about our products or discovering the healing benefits of CBD oil, please stop by and see us at any of our Think Botanicals locations.

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