Does CBD Give You “The Munchies”?

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“The munchies” or the sudden increase in appetite one experiences after smoking marijuana is an often overplayed phenomenon in “stoner movies” dating back to the Cheech and Chong era. It can provide some hilarious comedy, however, there is an actual proven scientific role that cannabis plays in increasing appetite due to its high concentration of THC. When THC interacts with the endocannabinoid system, it binds directly to the CB1 endocannabinoid receptor, causing an increase in appetite.

CBD-dominant products, on the other hand, do not appear to have the same level of impact on appetite, so it’s unlikely that using a CBD product will result in “the munchies.” Yet even though CBD doesn’t bind directly at the CB1 receptor, some CBD products, especially full plant extracts, will contain trace amounts of THC. This amount of THC is small and varies by product, but a large enough dose could contain enough THC to stimulate hunger.

Still, while CBD doesn’t directly influence the endocannabinoid system in a way that stimulates hunger, a healthy appetite might occur anyway. This is because CBD helps many people feel less pain and anxiety, and less anxious people tend to be more relaxed and open to eating. This is good news for those suffering from health issues like cancer, as the appetite can be the first thing to go. In fact, it’s one of the main reasons medical marijuana is prescribed as part of a holistic treatment. Patients will have a harder time healing if they aren’t interested in eating nutritious food. Cannabis products can help people overcome their nausea and increase their appetite so they can intake the nutrients needed to heal.

In sum, CBD isn’t likely to make you as hungry as a predominantly THC containing product, but it can still help to stimulate an appetite without overwhelming your senses or giving you “the munchies.” Many people would prefer not to have psychoactive effects, especially when dealing with a debilitating condition. CBD interacts differently with our bodies than THC, and its overall therapeutic effects go a long way in easing a suppressed appetite. Come see us at Think Botanicals if you’d like recommendations on which products can help you!

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